Fibre FAQ’s

Please contact our sales team to confirm availability in your area on Please remember to include your physical address or complex name when submitting an availability query.
Yes, Imagine can assist in getting fibre to your complex. Call our sales team on 011 214 7600, email them on for more information.
There are many ways to sign up, Call our sales team on 011 214 7600, email them on or head over to our website at and fill out the contact form and one of our sales consultants will make contact with you.
Fibre pricing and packages would vary based on the area and the fibre provider being used. Each last mile fibre provider have different options available.
Once the subscription form has been submitted to and Imagine sales consultant they will then place the order with the respective fibre provider. The fibre provider will then make contact with you to arrange the installation. Once the fibre provider has completed their installation then Imagine will either deliver or courier your router to you. Our routers are plug and play, they will come pre-configured when sent via courier.

Please note that installation times are prescribed by the last mile fibre provider and in some cases can take in excess of 21 working days to complete.

You may pay for the service via debit order or EFT.
All account queries can be sent to or you can call our accounts department on 011 214 7600
All technical queries can be sent to our technical department on or you can call our technical department on 011 214 7600. Please allow sufficient time for the technical team to investigate your fault and remember to provide as much info as possible when logging the fault.
All the details to configure your router will be sent in a welcome letter with either the installation technician or the courier. If you would like an Imagine technician to configure the router please send a request to but please do note that there will be a cost attached.
Yes you will be given access to the router. Please note that if the router is reset and or settings are changed affecting connectivity and you are unable to re-configure the device on your own then you can request assistance from one of our technicians. Please note that there will be a cost attached if an Imagine technician is requested to go to site.
Your router will need to support the PPPoE protocol in order to be used on our network. Any WAN enabled router would be suitable.
Cancellation must be sent in written form via email to Accounts will then confirm any outstanding amounts which will need to be settled.
You will need to change your outgoing email server to in order to send email on Imagine’s network.
Weekdays 8am to 6pm
Weekends via email only on Saturday and Sunday, Please send an email to and one of the sales consultants will assist.
Weekdays 8am to 6pm
Weekends via email only on Saturday. Please send an email to and one of the technicians will assist. Please allow sufficient for them to investigate