Imagine offers Uncapped Fibre Broadband Internet in your area!

Imagine offers a wide range of Uncapped, Unshaped, UltraFast FTTH Internet options to help you to #connectyourself.

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  • Streaming your favourite TV shows via Netflix and Showmax
  • Seamless video chatting to your family and friends
  • Gaming without the lag and latency issues

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Imagine IPS FTTH Broadband Internet

  • Free to use Router
  • Easy Installation
  • Month-To-Month Contracts
  • Uncapped and Unshaped

Who provides fibre to your neighborhood?

We’ll use them to connect you to the internet and provide uncapped internet access. We partner with some of the county’s leading open access infrastructure providers to ensure the best possible FTTH coverage and range of options is available to you.

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With Imagine Fibre, the ultimate gaming experience is at your fingertips. FTTH offers low latency and lag is a thing of the past.

Watch your favourite TV shows via streaming (Netflix / Showmax).

Imagine seamless video chatting and crisp, clear phone calls to your family and friends.

Browse the Internet at a speed you’ve never encountered before, experience ultra-fast Internet whenever you need it.

We won’t tie you down with long-term contracts. Pay month-to-month and stay connected with us for as long as you choose to.  Choose Imagine today.

Our additional layers of security automatically help protect your family against malware, phishing attacks and viruses with no performance sacrifices.

Add a Telephone Service

Imagine IPS also offers VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for business and residential clients – which can save you up to 40% in call costs, among its many other benefits. It’s time to leave the world of traditional telephony behind and join the VOIP revolution.

  • No Telkom line needed, Calls are sent out over your internet connection.
  • Number Porting Available – Keep your existing landline number
  • Low call Rates
  • Telephone Handset Rentals Available (24 Month Subscription)

    Desktop IP Phone – R910 Once Off
    Cordless IP Phone – R1520 Once off

I for one am very excited to have had Imagine’s Fibre installed in my home.
Thanks for the effort you put into the pricing and also listening and attending to your clients.
Once again, Imagine doesn’t only supply Internet, but happiness. I have been saying that since I signed up with Imagine. Keep up the awesome work.

JP, Oakhampton
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