Telephony systems for your business that work when you do

Imagine IPS offers Voice over IP (VoIP) for Business and Residential clients in an effort to assist you in saving up to 40% in call costs and provides many other benefits that allow you to leave the world of traditional telephony behind and to join the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) revolution.

Our VoIP solutions are billed on per second billing from the very first second of a call to ensure you only pay for what you use.

Already have a geographic number that you would like to keep?  No problem.  We ensure number portability with our VoIP solutions.

Our VoIP solutions put you in charge of your telephone systems by allowing you to access your call detail records at any time.  Our VoIP system is often compatible with existing PABX systems, however you can easily move across to a new generation hosted PABX system in order to reduce costs.

Pricing is volume dependent – communication costs decrease as your business grows.

Cost Saving

Save up to 40% in comparison to your current ‘legacy system’ telephone bill.

Per Second Billing

Per second billing from the first second of each call.

Number Portability

Keep your current geographic telephone number.


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VoIP is the most cost effective voice communication solution for your business

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