Fibre FAQ’s

Please contact our sales team to confirm availability in your area on Please remember to include your physical address or complex name when submitting an availability query.
Yes, Imagine can assist in getting fibre to your complex. Call our sales team on 011 214 7600, email them on for more information.
There are many ways to sign up, Call our sales team on 011 214 7600, email them on or head over to our website at and fill out the contact form and one of our sales consultants will make contact with you.
Fibre pricing and packages would vary based on the Fibre Network Operator in your area your complex or estate as chosen by your HOA or Body Corporate.
Once the subscription form has been submitted to an Imagine sales consultant they will then place the order with the respective Fibre Network Operator. The Fibre Network Operator will then make contact with you to arrange the installation. This may be a multistep process and may require multiple site visits.

Once the Fibre Network Operator has completed their installation and once Imagine have been notified by yourself then the router will be shipped to you via courier. Our routers are plug and play, they are pre-configured and ready to be used. The Fibre Network Operator does not always inform Imagine timeously which may delay the process.

The installation is carried out by the Fibre Network Operator. Once Imagine has placed the order with the Fibre Network Operator, they will then call you directly to arrange the installation and will advise of their process.

Please note that installation times are prescribed by the Fibre Network Operator and in some cases can take in excess of 21 working days to complete.

Your initial installation to the value of R2500.00 will be paid by Imagine. Terms and Conditions apply to the free installation and are noted on the subscription form. Please feel free to query this with your sales consultant if you have any questions.
If you move into a new home within the same complex or estate then there may be an additional cost to activate/re-activate your service and is dependent on the Fibre Network Operator. Please query with your sales consultant for exact amounts.
You may pay for the service via debit order or EFT. You will receive an invoice once the service is up and running. You will only be billed from the day the service activates.
All account queries can be sent to or you can call our accounts department on 011 214 7600
All technical queries can be sent to our technical department on or you can call our technical department on 011 214 7600. Please allow sufficient time for the technical team to investigate your fault and remember to provide as much info as possible when logging the fault.
All the details to configure your router will be sent in a welcome letter with the courier. If you would like an Imagine technician to configure the router please send a request to but please do note that there will be a cost attached. Please note that there is no on/off switch on the router, the reset option will reset the router to defaults and will need to be reconfigured.
Yes you will be given access to the router. The username and password for the router are included in the welcome letter. Please note that if the router is reset and or settings are changed affecting connectivity and you are unable to re-configure the device on your own then you can request assistance from Imagine support. Please note that there will be a cost attached if an Imagine support technician is requested to go to site.
Your router will need to support the PPPoE protocol in order to be used on our network. Any WAN enabled router would be suitable.
Fibre to the home is a best effort broadband service intended for home use only and at times can be subject to congestion or outages on the respective networks. There are many reasons for congestion and or network outages including the ISP, the Fibre Network Operator as well as the services you connect to such as a video on demand service, certain websites or speed test facilities.
speed test will only ever show the available bandwidth, so if you are on a 10Mb line, and you have a device using 4Mbps, then the speed test result will show up as approximately 6Mbps remaining.

Please make sure that there are no applications running when you do the test. This will include any PC’s or devices such as mobile phones, tablets or pc’s connected to the network as they could be downloading updates in the background.

Where possible please perform the speed test while connected to the router via LAN cable. Using a wireless device will not give you an accurate result as it is prone to interference. Please ensure the router is not placed near the microwave, cordless phones, fridge or any device that uses the same frequency. Having multiple wireless devices connected at the same time can also influence the outcome of the speed test as can your distance from the router.

Test at different times of the day, running multiple tests to obtain an average. Available bandwidth on the network can differ at certain times of day.

Please note that speed test servers can themselves also experience congestion if they receive multiple requests at the same time from multiple users which will ultimately affect the result.

Please note that there is a difference between Mb and MB – 10Mb = 1MB (1.25MB). Network speeds are measured in Mbps while download speeds are measured in MBps

If you encounter video buffering please ensure there are no devices on the network that are using bandwidth such as PTP file sharing applications or any bandwidth intensive applications.

Please also ensure that you are using regulated services for any video streaming such as Showmax, Black, Netflix, DSTV etc. If there is any buffering and your speed test shows full line speed then please contact the relevant service such as Netflix, DSTV Catch-up or the likes and report a fault.

Yes, Imagine offer public IP addresses. Please chat to your sales consultant for more information.
Yes, you are responsible for the cancellation of any services with your previous/current Internet Service Provider
Cancellation must be sent in written form via email to and will require one calendar month notice.

The cancellations department will then confirm any outstanding amounts which will need to be settled. Once the account has been settled then the cancellation will be processed.

You will need to change your outgoing email server to
Weekdays 8am to 5pm

Weekends and after hours via email only, Please send an email to and one of the sales consultants will assist.

Weekdays 8am to 5pm – After Hours 5pm to 8pm

Please send an email to or WhatsApp your message to 072 908 1959 (After Hours) and one of the technicians will assist. Please allow sufficient time for the technical team to investigate and respond.