Imagine IPS, a well-known national Internet Service Provider who has seen success in providing uninterrupted fixed line connectivity and communication solutions in Johannesburg for 16 years, has recently embarked on bringing better wireless connectivity to the east of Johannesburg.


The need for fast uninterrupted Internet is growing at a rapid pace and with the demand for connectivity at an all-time high, connectivity issues have recently been brought to Imagine IPS’ attention; “We realised the east of Johannesburg has signal problems and looked for a solution”. Imagine IPS took up the challenge to supply a high level of excellent service and connectivity, focusing their efforts on the East Rand.


The Benoni area is where Imagine IPS has set their sights as a starting point, with plans in place to make the East Rand just as Internet savvy as the North. Hands on technicians, client service satisfaction and trusted advisors have helped this company to build a reputation for their quick, efficient and effective solutions. Imagine IPS prides themselves in meeting clients’ IT needs, while their reliability is fast putting this company on the map.


Imagine IPS will celebrate International Internet Day by officially launching their brand in the East Rand. Paired with access points, Imagine IPS connects the market and supplies wireless solutions to their clients. The launch will be complemented with a community upliftment project at Oliver’s house, an institution that is SETA recognised, helps tutor and prepare matric students for their upcoming exams and is recognised by the Department of Education, which will be supplied with Wireless Internet.


According to Bradford Lotriet “Imagine IPS will be looking at rolling out this initiative to other disadvantaged schools within the area while leaving members of the East Rand community asking the question: Imagine you were not with Imagine IPS”.