Blitz Fibre is enabling multi-dwelling complexes in South Africa to become fibre-ready at no extra cost.

The company builds a non-intrusive open-access underground fibre infrastructure, which allows ISPs to offer Internet and connectivity services to home owners and tenants.

“FTTH is fast become the buzz phrase in the connectivity world,” said Blitz Fibre. “Everybody wants to be connected for longer and consume more data for less. It is just a matter of time before all complexes have internal fibre connectivity as a general living feature.”

How Blitz Fibre connects complexes

Blitz Fibre offers complexes an end-to-end solution, from planning and construction to individual home installations. The step-by-step process is outlined below:

  • Planning: A Blitz representative conducts a survey to determine how best to provision fibre to the complex.
  • Wallbox location confirmation: Once Blitz has completed their planning process, a Blitz representative communicates with the governing body to explain the construction process within the complex.
  • Construction process: Civil work begins, and Blitz installs the infrastructure as per the survey plan that was signed off by the governing body.
  • Reinstatement: Upon completion of the civil work, the Blitz teams will ensure that the property has been restored to its original state.
  • Fibre work: Fibre is then provisioned through the protective ducting and is linked to every resident in the complex.
  • Connected and ready: The complex is then fibre-ready, and Blitz contacts all residents who placed orders to schedule individual installations into their homes.

Blitz Fibre is made up of a team of industry experts motivated to bring fibre connectivity to the masses, focusing on building futureproof fibre infrastructure networks in multi-dwelling complexes, multi-business retail complexes, as well as small and large scale industrial business parks.

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